Blood and Trauma

Blood and trauma exam

Blood and trauma plays a major part in many front line medical settings. How’s your medical knowledge? We’ve added a mixed bunch of questions that relate to trauma and traumatic injury.

SAR First Aid Exam

searrch and rescue first aid

If you are part of a local Search & Rescue team, how’s your emergency first aid knowledge? SAR first aid is probably different than most in that the search may not have all the necessary first aid kit on their person. Equally, finding a missing person who may have suffered trauma and in a critical life threatening condition can test even the most experienced medic, let alone a first responder

Paedatric First Aid Exam

paediatric first aid exam

Those wishing to take their Paediatric First Aid exam for baby and toddler, here’s a taster of some of the questions you might encounter. Learning First Aid for children is essential whether you are a parent, carer or teacher. Dealing with a known medical condition, illness or injury can be a matter of life or death. Test your Paediatric medical knowledge and take this informal exam.

Emergency First Aid Exam

emergency event first aid exam

Emergency first aid is all about rapid response, treating the casualty, preserve life, prevent further injury and promote recovery. Many deaths can be prevented if first aid is provided at the scene of the accident and before ambulance or first responder arrives. Let’s test your first aid knowledge.

First Responders Test

Emergency First Aid Exam

A little test for Community First Responders, when vital seconds count – how will you respond? – Some First Responders may encounter a heart attack, stroke or seizure quite frequently whilst others not so often.  

Free FAW exam

free FAW exam

Those wishing to take their ‘appointed persons’ First Aid at Work, here’s a taster, try the exam and test your knowledge. It’s worth pointing out that you might not be asked any of these particular questions, or indeed you may be asked all of them!

Free AED exam

Free AED exam online

This free AED exam will you you a pretty good indication of your CPR knowledge and the theory of AED, it will never replace hands-on experience and not designed to do so.

Free Basic First Aid Test

first aid quiz

How do you think your basic first aid knowledge is? This quiz is designed to test your basic levels of first aid. We’ll keep adding new questions and develop more exams as time passes. Let’s see

First Responder Exam

free first responder exam

A little test for Community First Responders, when vital seconds count – how will you respond? – Here’s a mixed bag of sample questions, take the first responder exam and see how your knowledge is.